What is Responsive Website Design?

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What is Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a kind of approach to web design where sites are suitably crafted to present an optimal viewing experience along with reading adaptability and friendly navigation with minimal involvement of resizing, panning and scrolling in several devices including mobile phones, iPods, cell phones, tablets to desktop PC monitors. In computerized craft industry it is occasionally referred to as “versatile site plan” and even “fluid design”. responsive web designIn short it is an approach by which a website or email can be adjusted to the kind of device the user is using to view anything related to it. Responsive Web Design can be recommended as a cost effective alternative to mobile application. This term of Responsive Design in the world of Web Development has been coined by Ethan Marcotte in his article A List Apart in May, 2010 and he described the theory and practice of Responsive Design in his book titled Responsive Web Design.

Need of Responsive Design

The need and requirement to adapt to the online business environment has been on the rise since the advancement of technological developments and ever penetration of internet culture in almost all the factors of a human life in this era. Web technology is becoming popular and progressive with each passing day. Some of the companies have faced huge losses just because their business offerings were not presented on a specific device or platform that is enjoying high flow of visitors. Visitors to their website could not see properly what was there in their website as it did not adjust to the screen of their devices like Smartphone, hence turned away from them Responsive Design helps websites to diverse environmental factors like platform and screen size. It is a mishmash of flexible layouts, images and grids along with careful use of CSS media queries. The concept of responsive designing has been influenced by responsive architecture where the size of an accommodation gets adjusted as per the size of the crowd.

Challenges, And Other Approaches

The varying screen resolution, orientation poses challenges to the web developers who now turn their attention to responsive design approach for helping their situation. Responsive designing is not just flexible layout and is much better than this. In flexible layout what happens is it can only accommodate columns and texts which will succumb if pushed enough but, in responsive website development or design the images are made flexible that does not succumb under any condition. With device advancements like the advent of Smartphone, Tablets and other such that very soon may replace PCs for which responsive design is very much needed to master on. Besides, several ranges of operating systems can be used to engage with the apps as designers are employing responsive design to create mobile apps these days as the applications created can be worked on any platform with comparatively less investment. Another benefit of using responsive design is that headlines, content and button of the website or mail can be seen by the reader regardless the size of the monitor or device. BBC News now has a responsive website to serve better its audiences and specifically please mobile visitors to their site.