Why the Need For A Mobile Website?

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Requirement of Mobile Website

Mobile Website is a customized website targeted at handheld device audience. Previously accessibility to the web services has been through a fixed –line service like desktop personal computers or laptops but, recently the web is getting more accessed through portable and wireless devices like handsets. As per the reports of a reliable source in this communication field, the web will be accessed to by handheld devices more than by means of PC or laptops in the next five years.

mobiole-websiteThis trend has been started following with the advent of Smartphones since 2007 and multi-touch tablets since 2010 when sitting before a desktop or with laptop was not needed anymore as internet services could well be enjoyed from these small sized smart gadgets in our pocket anytime anywhere. Mobile websites are now increasingly used by many business units to reach to its millions of smart and gadget friendly customers who like to take advantages of smart technologies, who have Smartphones and Tablets along with other such smart handheld devices. This has become a new platform to reach to the masses conveniently. A mobile device is increasingly high on demand and is very famous in the market. Web developers are required to make mobile friendly websites that the customers can see and red through at ease on the screens of their mobiles or the websites created will be a total loss as the customers of these days do not always search through webs in desktop monitors. Hence to excel in the field of mobile website developers and designing the aspiring professionals need to take care of certain factors and requirements to plan and create a suitable Mobile Website to satisfy their trendy customers.

Some of these are as follow:

The content of the mobile websites comprising reading material and images should be concise as it is not desktop that will allow one a full view of the website. The customers accessing web in their handheld devices need to scroll down to read the entire content hence lengthy website content will annoy them. It needs to be concise and its word limit has to be near 70 to 110.

A mobile website needs to contain both tailored content as well as necessary updates about it like blogs, news, posts and other such events. There has to be automatic updates for the frequent changes that take place about its content. Everything needs to be effectively displayed in full length. With the intelligent use of RSS & XML these updates can be made easily and efficiently by means of a direct contact from the desktop website to the Mobile Website.

The graphics, if there is any, should be adjusted to the monitor of the handheld devices. They should be optimized to be able to be downloaded easily and efficiently by the mobile website users.