Defining Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Means directing commercial messages to a set of customers using electronic messages or e-mails by a business or other such commercial unit. These messages are sent with the reason of building good business rapport of a mercantile or a business unit with its previous or present customers to help them expecting loyalty of their customers and also ensuing future business with them comfortably. Electronic marketing of commercial messages are also done to be able to attract pool of new clientele or persuasive current customers to buy some product or opt for some kind of services on an immediate basis. Adding advertisement to e-mail messages by other several companies are also sent to customers taking the due advantages of Email marketing. It is also employed considerably in this modern era of technology to create brand awareness and trust which greatly helps a business unit to prosper and expand.
There are two types of Email Marketing that can be employed efficiently which are as follow:

Transactional Emails

These kinds of mails are meant to convey information regarding the action that triggered it or a customer’s action with a company. These are also known as Relationship messages. These types of triggered transitional messages comprise dropped basket messages, order status emails, purchase or order confirmation emails, password reset emails, , email receipts and reorder emails etc along with others. These kinds of emails provide opportunities to expect and answer questions or queries and up sell product or services.

Direct Emails

This kind of mails is meant for promoting or announcing a special offer. Companies or such business units collect the email addresses of the customers or prospective customers to send these direct promotional messages.
Advantages of Email marketing are many specifically in attracting a pool of various prospective customers along with several other such merit points that can be tagged along with this kind of commercialization of products and services taking the help of emails. The several advantages are as follow:

• Email marketing ensures smooth and effective functioning of the commercial units by minimizing chances of delay as emails can be send swiftly to anybody anytime and anywhere. Delays are not witnessed in this kind of marketing.
• Email marketing is one of the most efficient online marketing tactics as an exact return on investment in such advertising can be ensured if utilized and employed properly.
• It is undoubtedly cheaper and faster than traditional mail which are generally very time consuming and requires huge investment.
• Wider coverage can be ensured by means of Email marketing.


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